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Fiber optic internet issues

Just Moved In

So we go fiber optic internet in our house, the first few weeks we had optimal service:high speeds of 50mbps, low latency n packot loss however now for bout a few weeks, we have been expirencing low speeds like sometimes less then 1mbps, with high packot loss, n high latency . I try restarting my modem tho it doesn't help one bit . we have contacted services and they go us to restart the white box(last resort), the modem tho it still didn't fix the issue. What can be the cause of this? Is there any other ways to fix it cause its really frustrating?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Ok, to clear some things up:

  • Restart? If you have Fiber, the ONT cannot be restarted as it has a battery backup connected to it. I only hope they did not get you to touch that battery.
  • You also don't have a modem, just a router.

First step I'd suggest is taking a laptop to the white ONT and plugging it in to it directly in place of the router/Actiontec that is there. Normally only one port on the ONT is in use so the rest will be dead. That will show you whether or not the router is the issue. If it isn't, call in again because they'll have to diagnose the fiber connection from their end. There will be little that can be done on the forums for that.

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