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Favourite channels questions


I was trying to figure out how to set up the guide to show only the channels I want, which I think I have done now, but I had a few questions about things that are puzzling me:


- Why are Favourites settings scattered in so many different places in the menus instead of being consolidated in one place? It took me a while to figure out that the only way I could get back to my Subscribed Channels list was under Options, not under Settings. When I look under Settings it doesn't even show me that a Subscribed Channels list exists.


- Are you supposed to be able to name a particular Favourites list? I couldn't figure out where to do that. When I created my list, it was automatically called My Favourites, and I wasn't offered the option to name it.


- It's very tedious to start from an empty channel list and add every channel I want to be part of my Favourites. Isn't there some way to start with the Subscribed Channels list? I didn't see any way to do that.


- I'm afraid to try creating a new Favourites list because it doesn't say anything about what Favourites list it is creating, and I think it might overwrite the default My Favourites list that I spent so long creating. Would it? Or how could I prevent that?


- What's the purpose of having a separate function to edit the channels that appear in the Guide under Settings - Television? Doesn't that duplicate the purpose of the Favourites list?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi Doug, you definitely pose quite a few great questions and possibilities that would certainly also be beneficial to add to this feature. The favourites lists at this point aren't incredibly robust. You essentially have the option to create up to 5 favourites lists. To my knowledge at this point, there is no way to name them, they'll just come up as My Favourites, then 2 through 5. Beyond that you would need to select all of the channels you'd want. Instead of using a favourites list you can simply modify the guide to display subscribed channels only, as you've probably already seen. There is certainly some streamlining that these features could benefit from and I definitely like some of the points you make. TELUS does have a place where you can submit ideas that you think would improve the TV service as a whole. I recommend passing some of those ideas along (! : )

Thanks for the answers. I will subit this to