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Just Moved In

Why do you show the first episode and then leave viewers hanging?  Time to give us the rest of the series!!



Fargo TV show, original air dates.


International broadcast
The series is simulcast in Canada, and debuted on FX Canada on April 15, 2014, and moved to FXX Canada with the second episode. It premiered in the UK on Channel 4 on April 20, 2014. In Australia, it will premiere on May 1, 2014, on SBS One.



2 episodes available to stream online(as of this post date), somewhere on the Internet.   *Beware of sites that want you to install a codec(virus).


As @nasty said, Rogers pulled a dbag move and moved Fargo from FX to FXX. I believe most providers are still negotiating with Rogers to carry them. 

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Just Moved In

Fargo was filmed in Calgary, yet Telus here where teased with the first episode then cut of, cold turky.  What is ths nonsense about?

Just Moved In

This is another Rogers power play. It was the same with SN1. Move the Blue Jays there and have the public squeel to their providers so Rogers can rape them.


Telus is in " negotiations" but you can bet FXX will be late and expensive.


Public/viewers are as usual the losers.


CRTC just takes tax payers dollars and cushy pensions and does nothing about this nonsense.