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FX NOW Canada Device Discrepancies


Found this to be incredibly confusing and frustrating. 

I can log into FX Now Canada on my Apple TV, and through my laptop, and watch any show, any episode. 

However, if I try watching on my tablet or iphone, I'm greeted with a message on Android saying Telus "has not granted enough access for you to watch this content." On my iphone it's says "This episode exceeds the viewing period acquired by your TV service provider."

So why am I able to watch on one device, but not another? Did Telus not pay for mobile device rights? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Are you trying to watch these simultaneously, or without logging out of one of the earlier connected devices?  Some channels only allow a small number of connections.


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No, I am not watching simultaneously. I've also made sure to log out of my account on Apple TV, in case it only allows one device at a time, but I would still receive the message.