FX Canada no longer on optik on the go?


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Curious as to why a month ago I could see FX Canada on the optik on the go app, but it's no longer there when I know it was part of my optik tv subscription.


Hi there! Are you still able to view FX Canada from your Optik TV boxes? If not, you  can contact customer care at https://www.telus.com/chat  to add it back to your account.  

Which device are you using for Optik on the Go? You may need to update the version of your Optik on the Go app to test. If still not working, the 24/7 tech support at https://www.telus.com/chat or (your area code)3106988 can look into this further. 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee



It may have been a free preview before, but you can always confirm at telus.com/youraccount that you still have the channel or you can call customer care at 3102255 and they could help you with your packages.


Hope this helps you!