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Essential Service

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Can I cancel my Essential Service and still pay for the premium content on its own? It seems like paying $35 dollars a month for something that I can get over the air seems a bit too much to pay. Since I only watch the news and Hockey. I can easily use an antenna to get better quality Local HD content. I can also pay for the HCK Center ice to get all the Hockey I want. Only think its stopping me is my wife HBO... Cost $18 for a channel that she watch one in a while. I wish I can just get HBO by itself without all the extra fee for nothing. Now that Fido Internet is starting in ON, It won't be long that it will come to Alberta, Their plan is cheaper faster, also unlimited. Not to mention the home phone line have no use what so ever. As soon as I switch my security to Cellular, it will be gone.


Community Power User
Community Power User

As far as I know, you have to subscribe to the base package before you can add any additional ones.  Starting some time this year, you should be able to choose single channels instead of packages, but would need a base package at a minimum before adding the additional channels.  Basically, the base cost of the infrastructure is borne by the Essentials Service, and the additional channels are piggy-backed on it. It is the same with my gas, and hydro services - I pay a base rate no matter how much I consume. In the case of gas, I also pay a delivery cost based on my consumption.


Also, as Fido is a pup of Rogers, I expect their internet offering will be to customers within the existing Rogers Cable footprint, as the infrastructure is already in place.

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