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Enabling OPTIK to a 3rd TV


I'd like to enable OPTIK on a 3rd TV in my house. Currently I have (1) Cisco, 4K, hardwired PVR and (1) Cisco, non-4K, hardwired set-top box. I am on a 75Mbps plan using GPON. 


Can I buy a new or used Wireless set-top box (VIP5602W or UIW4001?) from Craigslist and connect to my TV? What are the steps, are there billing implications?






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Why not just request one from Telus at no or little additional cost?


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If I'm not mistaken there is a monthly rental fee to add a 3rd box through TELUS. If I can purchase a box outright and connect myself, this is obviously way cheaper over the years but I don't know if its technically possible to do this with a used set-top box and/or without a tech appointment or if its even possible to avoid the monthly charge regardless.



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I recently requested an additional 4K box from Telus. I had an old Cisco box that I bought years ago and it doesn't work with Youtube or Amazon Prime. Their 2-year plan covers 2 additional boxes with the PVR. After 2-years you will be charged rental. I was told a box could be purchased for $250. Adding a new box will require an activation code from Telus to enable it. I don't believe there is a charge for this.



Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Yes, you can certainly supply your own TELUS box, used or purchased outright. Technically, TELUS charges a rental for the box if supplied by them. There would be no additional charge to you in this case. You would need to "activate" the box as it must be linked to your account, either by setting up the box yourself or a quick call to TELUS. No in-home visit would be required.

Great! I think that answers it, thanks for the help.

My second TV quit and I'm not going to replace it. I have an extra VIP5602W box. Did you get your third TV set up?



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You may need to let Telus know you aren't going to be using the box anymore, if you give it away. If the box is registered to one account, they may have to make a change on their end before it can be used with another account. Even though it's unlikely, it's also not a bad idea to make sure they aren't wanting the box returned, just in case.

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I called Telus. She said I don't need to tell them that I'm not using the second box (VIP5602WT). I asked if I should send it back, and she said I could keep it in case I buy another TV.