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Do the 4k wireless boxes have composite video & 5.1 netflix?


So I have this old Sharp TV that only has coaxial and composite inputs and a 5.1 surround system for better sound. The problem is that the old optic TV boxes don't do Netflix in surround sound. Does the new 4k boxes have composite video output and have 5.1 Netflix?


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A 4K box on an ancient non-4K tv would be a waste. The 4K box itself does not have analog component (Red/Green/Blue) connections on it nor composite (red/white/yellow). You'd need a special breakout cable/adapter in order to do that. Whether or not surround sound is possible off of an analog component cable, hard to say.

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There is a DIN output on the back of the 4K PVR. The installer should be able to provide a breakaway cable for component video. It includes red & white audio, which at the very least gives stereo output. However, there is also an optical output on the back that can be connected to a TV with an optical input or an audio receiver. I suspect the digital audio output would give surround sound. Perhaps someone who uses this set-up will comment. I would let Telus know you need the breakaway cable, so the installer would come prepared with one. 

Well, basically, this is only supposed to be a temporary setup until we get a new TV to replace it. We currently have the existing box connected to the TV via composite and optical S/PIDF to the surround sound system.

The problem is that the older Optik TV boxes do not have 5.1 surround sound on Netflix for some weird reason. I can tell because netflix says your system will only get 5.1 surround sound if you see a 5.1 icon on programing. If you don't see that on any program, you will not get 5.1 surround. So I was wondering if the new 4K boxes have finally fixed this issue.

Another problem is that when I do eventually replace, the older boxes only go up to 720p. You need the 4K box just to get 1080p content through netflix. Even worse, the older boxes don't even offer 1080p60 output over HDMI, so you have to manually toggle between 720p for Netflix and 1080i for live TV in the settings, and I don't want to do this every time I switch between the two. (Even Shaw had a solution for this on their non 1080p60 boxes, where you could set the system's HDMI output to auto toggle between 720p, 1080i, and even 1080p24 for VOD content)

So the thing I want to know is if it's possible to temporarily connect a 4k box to an old composite TV while waiting for a new HDTV, and if Telus offers the breakout cable neccisary to connect a 4k box to an old tv.

Support article from Netflix about features on Optik boxes:

"So the thing I want to know is if it's possible to temporarily connect a 4k box to an old composite TV while waiting for a new HDTV, and if Telus offers the breakout cable neccisary to connect a 4k box to an old tv."


I don't see why not. The breakaway cable has red, blue, green video connections for component video and yellow, red & white for composite video and audio. There is an optical output. 


The installer will usually supply one, if requested. It might mean a trip back to their depot, so I would request before, if possible. 


The 4K boxes are intended for newer HDMI-equipped TVs, however, so whether Telus would be providing them for free exchange, I can't say. 

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@RyDawg  You're better waiting till you actually get a new TV. Not all channels broadcast in 5.1 surround sound or shows for that matter. That is the channel owners discretion what audio they use (not telus).  You don't need to toggle settings, when you launch the netflix app it defaults to the 720P (on all optik receivers beside the 4K)  The newer optik receivers you can default to 1080P for VOD. Just as when you watch live TV it will be set to the resolution you have setup in the settings. The receiver does everything on it's own.


You have a 50/50 chance an installer may have a cable, but supplying a 4K receiver to an old TV set they probably wouldn't supply one.. Also keep in mind any recorded PVR shows you have will be lost switching to a new receiver. They're not transferred over to the new one. Only the schedule times for recording are transferred over to the new receiver.



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I know i am very late but i found this: