Do I need 4K pvr.


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I see the 1080p is the same price as the 4K for set top box, I just got a visio 50 inch 4k smart tv and wanting to upgrade to a new box but do I need a four k Pvr for 4k feeds? Can I still get the box but not use it for 4k just for more features and speed performance...?
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You're best to get the 4K PVR for the future. The new 4k receivers are much more responsive, have more system memory and PVR carries a 1TB hard drive.

The 4k receiver (non PVR) can display 4K, 1080P/I and lower resolutions. I'd consider this a one time upgrade. So you're going to jump, jump right in. All new 4k PVR (hard wired) and 4K receivers (wireless or hard wired). You'd also get the new T3200M modem.

As usual recordings from your old PVR will be lost and only your "scheduled list of recordings" transfer over. Depending on your internet plan you may not receive a 5 HD profile. A rep should be able to tell you what you will receive.

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The Netflix app has been greatly improved on the new 4K receivers. On the old HD receivers, the Netflix app was extremely slow, but on the new one it runs way more responsively. In addition, the Netflix app on the 4K receiver can run at both 1080p and 4k, while the older boxes can only do 720p on Netflix. I also believe the 4K boxes now support 5.1 audio through netflix, but I can't confirm if the older boxes support this because Netflix says the only way to check if your device supports 5.1 audio is by opening the app and checking the info on a Netflix original program. Hopefully someone with both the old HD receiver and new 4K receiver can confirm 5.1 compatibility on both the new and old systems.