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Disney XD "Sign Off" Sat Sept 24

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Why is Disney XD listed as "SIGN OFF" on Saturday September 24 from 4:30-5:30, then list Star Wars Rebels showing for only one minute 5:30-5:31, then listed as "SIGN OFF" again from 5:30-6:30?


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Telus does not supply the programming data for the guide. More then likely a glitch from the provider of the data. While they're generally accurate, they do make mistakes from time to time.

You can check what's scheduled to air here:

Sure makes it challenging to set PVR recording when that happens if you don't catch the fact that a show is only scheduled for one minute.  Wonder if it is something deliberate on the part of the programming provider.

Until I read your user name, couldn't see the trouble with a and Star Wars listing.....makes sense now. There are so many players involved, it is a wonder anything makes it correctly. TELUS has a control centre that seems to do a pretty good job with ignoring the requests for sim sub if no sim sub is needed, like a sporting event going into extra time. Some of the smaller cable companies just do as the broadcasters instruct. 

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Edit: There is an Article describing this issue.


Listings also here.

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