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Discovery has recently unveiled their new "DiscoveryGO" app. I often watch tv using Telus Optik on my iPad & I've seen ads promoting this new app. When are Telus customers going to be allowed to access the locked content on the DiscoveryGO app? I know Other tv channels have agreements w/ Telus (GlobalGo, CTVGo etc). Both Bell & Shaw's customers can access the Discovery locked features & I see the ads about the app on Telus Optik. Why am I not allowed access ESPECIALLY because I SUBSCRIBE to the Discovery bundle w/ Telus? 


What at am I missing???


Community Power User
Community Power User

It just means Discovery/Bell hasn't enabled Telus access yet. That happened with CTV Go a while back when only Bell users could access it. It's definitely not the first time a channel owned by Bell has done this where only a vary tiny group of service providers are approved. It's likely not their last time doing it either. 


Telus has likely requested access to it but Bell takes a long time to complete the process.

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Telus would have to negotiate a "deal" with discovery (bell)The actual owners of the channels strictly control how their content is accessed. It simply comes down to another revenue stream for the channel owners.

As such apps like DiscoveryGo. Telus would and discovery would have to come to an agreement!

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