Disable Netflix and Youtube apps.


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For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove Netflix and youtube from my optic tv menu. Can anyone help? My teenagers are running up data like crazy and watching stuff they shouldn't be!



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Unfortunately the “apps” can’t be removed from the menu. Netflix you can change your password so they can’t login. YouTube can’t really do anything.

Maybe time to chat with them. I’m sure they can access that content besides using Optik TV.

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You might try blocking the websites at your router, rather than the TV.


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What about using parental controls? I know they can block channels so maybe that can block say the Netflix 466 channel. Not sure if it would block Netflix if you went in via Apps etc.


I accomplished it today by instead of connecting the Digital TV to the Telus Router, I connected it to my own which has more controls.

I reserved an IP address for its mac address, then blocked youtube.com, netflix.com, and their IPs (just in case) - and it worked. Neither one functions anymore. It gives an error  that it can't connect.


It might be worth looking into the unlimited data option, I know Telus has really good offers if you have Telus Mobility and home service. It is worth giving them a call Smiley Happy 


haha , that's truee !