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Will telus ever release an optik tv app for Dazn? Would really make my life easier.

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Search is your friend: Lots of DAZN discussion  in the Neighbourhood.

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Here's the thing, it actually wouldn't. Well, probably wouldn't...

DAZN's app for Smart TVs has been hot garbage. The main complaints of DAZN's streaming have come from people using the app through their Smart TVs. 


Not saying it couldn't work with Telus, much like Netflix (it would be up to DAZN first to provide cable providers an app in the first place), but until I see their Smart TV app get better, I'm quite content using my Apple TV and Xbox. 

Very true. I was trying to watch DAZN on their app in my LG smart TV, it was EPL football game between Liverpool and Arsenal. No chance, just frustration. It stopped every 2-3 min, and finally got frozen. In addition to this, the quality of the picture sometimes was so pixelated that it was barely visible. 

I chromcasted it after that to my other TV, with better results, at least I was able to watch the game.