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DVR bug

Just Moved In

As a retired QA person I tend to notice things. I believe there is a bug in the Telus Satellite TV DVR/system process related to changes from/to daylight savings time. I set to record a show at 2:00 am on Nov 5th. It started to record at 1:57 am, based on my settings, but when 2:00 am happened and the system clock reverted to 1:00 am, the recording stopped. When I went to view the recording later on Nov 5th, the log showed only 3 minutes had been recorded. Reminds me of Y2K. Maybe there is some way to fix this by March.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Telus satellite is just rebadged Bell. Any “bugs”’will have to be fixed by Bell as it’s their software. One would imagine an update will be pushed if it’s a logged bug.