Connect TV, Optik Box and VCR

I am trying to connect my TV, Optic box and VCR in such a way that I can record shows and/or PVR recordings to VCR....going old school here. My mum is in her 80s and in a nursing home. There are shows she enjoys but she still has old school components. There is no point in her buying new equipment at her age; nor would I trust new components to last long in ANY of nstirution. I just want to record some programs for her. Can anyone help?

it is easy enough as long as you don't have the 4K pvr or the 4k STB.  Up to and including IPV6015, all the outputs are simultaneously active.  So, you can run a composite video and stereo audio cables from the PVR and connect it to the corresponding inputs on your VCR.  Set the timer on the vcr and tune into that channel in the PVR.  It should record.  You can't do that on the latest models as they have SOC(selectable output control) which means if the HDMI is connected the other outputs are disabled.