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Choppy during PVR Recordings

Just Moved In
When watching any PVR’d recordings, I find the playback to be very choppy. This is especially true when trying to watch something from the beginning of the recording and it’s still airing live. Any advice or suggestions?


I doubt there is a suggestion to fix this. Add another issue in the recording file.

Is it still choppy after recording is finished. Is the recording local or cloud?


Just Moved In

The recording is in the Cloud. I don't have a local option.

There doesn't appear to be any issue with the choppiness after the recording is finished.


The issue you describe sounds like bandwidth, used to hear throttled internet during peak times, but of course Telus internet is super fast, so that can't be it. 😈

As A-B said internet. Too much activity at your place at the same time.

I have fibre which has proven to be better than copper, but still have occasional stutter.

Community Manager
Community Manager

The reason for this would stem from the internet connection itself. Have you attempted troubleshooting that and/or speaking with our Tech Support team about this?