Channel adding glitch.


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Has anyone experienced channels being added to their package by Telus?  This has happened to me five times now.  The first time it happened I thought we had been hacked.  I changed every password I use and also added the parental control feature in order to add channels.  I'm the only one that knows the parental control pin number.

Telus cannot explain to me why this is happening.  They always assume that someone in the house has added the channels.  Three of the five times it has happened no one was home and once we were in Mexico.  

Each time it happens I get an email saying that I've updated my channels.  

Has this happened to anyone else?  Any suggestions?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Blutarsky please feel free to reach out to our team over on our Facebook or on Twitter @TELUSSupport and we'll take a look at your account for further investigation, thanks!