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Change to pvr search for MLB listings


About 3 weeks ago a lot of baseball games on channels 1300-1310 appeared in the MLB file after a search on pvr. These all require subscriptions. My question: Does anyone know why these listings were added to the regular MLB listings? 

Yes, it's minor, but it's time-consuming and annoying going through them all. I've contacted Telus a few times to give feedback and ask if these listings could be grouped together somewhere else, but no one seems to know why they were added or how to get feedback to anyone who knows. 

I was referred to tech support, and they referred me here to find a survey I could fill out in order to give my feedback. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Please see the post located here. Those channels were in “free preview”.

Thanks, WestCoaster! I never saw these additions during the free preview timeframe, though - it was afterward. But this might explain why these listings got added to the main file en masse. You're the only person who mentioned these channels had been offered for a free preview period recently - none of the Telus folks I spoke with seemed to make any connection to that. 

They do have 2 MLB Extra Innings files beside the regular MLB listings file - it would be nice if the MLB game listings were organized in one of those, less for customers to wade through. Maybe they'll do this, if there's any more feedback requesting it.