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Cannot Change Optik TV "You Pick 6" Theme Packages

Just Moved In

I have been attempting since I had moved into my new apartment to alter the theme packages that were automatically chosen for me for the "You Pick 6" package that I opted for. I have gone online to remove the ones I do not want and add the ones I would like instead. Once I press the "Submit Changes" button, it loads fully, and then an error message says it is "unable to submit changes at the moment" and to "try again later". I have attempted to do this on my phone, on my laptop and on my tablet and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is I am doing wrong?


I would prefer to have this issue resolved without contacting Telus directly by phone or whatnot as I have played "phone tag" with them one too many times lately. I will obviously as a last resort, but I thought it be best to post something here and see if this is an issue any other Optik TV users are facing.



I wish I could offer a solution, but I thought it might be helpful for you to know I’ve been able to do it multiple times. I believe both from my computer and my iPad. I am wondering, though, if I had to wait until my 6 month reduced price ended.  My understanding is you have to keep it at 6 until that period ends. 

I signed up with Telus on September 20th, with the same package - "U pick 6".  Two weeks later I increased it to 8 theme packs, and I also changed (added and deleted) theme packs that were included in the original 6, with no issues.