Cancellation of Big 10 Network


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It's disappointing that Telus has cancelled the Big 10 Network without warning & with no thought of the College Football Fans, who want this channel. If it was too expensive to be included with a package, it should have been made available to us as a separate channel to be purchased. As everyone knows, we are paying for many channels in packages that we don't want & never look at ... so why take away Sports channels that we want? Because of this blunder ... I'm considering dropping Telus as my provider (which I don't want to do), but Shaw offers the Big 10 Network!
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Providers like Telus don't have the ability to offer the channel on its own unless the company running the channel itself allows it. For sports channels that is not common. Typically they are forced to be offered in bundles (again not the providers fault) with crappy other channels no one wants.


With a little bit of effort, you would have found some answers (see: Google)





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It would be nice to get the SEC Network as a replacement to the Big 10.