Budwesier Red Light with Optik TV


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What should I set the delay on my Budweiser Red Light to so that it is in sync with the game on TELUS Optik TV?

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Community Power User

That's a difficult one to answer, as depending on which of the TV's in you home you are watching, the games will not be in sync between them! For Grey Cup, I set up a second TV in the kitchen, by the snacks, connected by a wireless set-top box. There was a few seconds delay between it and the TV in the living room connected to the PVR. The best I can suggest is trail and error for your setup. During, or after each game, make an adjustment to the timing, until it matches, or is a bit late! (You don't want to know that the spectacular-looking save was actually a goal, until after you see it yourself)


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