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Bring us BeinSports channel!!


Is there anything on the roadmap for Telus to provide us with BeinSport channel.  BeinSport channel is being distrirbuted all over NorthAmerica now and as a telus customer I wan't to know if my provider is going to start  streaming this channel.  A game that was played last Sunday known as El Clasico had 2 billion viewers all over the world, I really hope we get to watch this on TelusTV soon.



You can subscibe to it online for online streaming



$20 a month, unlimited viewing. Canada version. Unfortunately,  it's only live streams and no caching or on-demand.



U.S. version if you go around stupid, greedy moneybags, geo-restrictions.




I understand you can purchase online subscriptions, thats how i watch it now... we want this as a channel on Telus Optic TV!


please read the news post:


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beIN sports channel is being added to Telus Optik.


The link to it's preview page details, as of this posting, is not completed.

    Preview beIN Sports for free

    Posted June 1, 2014

    beIN Sports is the premier international sports network and it’s coming to Optik TV. Enjoy a 2 month free preview of beIN Sports. For channel information, please visit the TV Highlights page.



Thank god BeIN sports came to Telus. Right before the world cup too, so it'll be non stop soccer this summer which is great! Will BeIN have more channels lile sports net world extra? Or will it stay one channel?

Please stay tuned to for the most update to date programming information available for beIN Sports. 

I noticed the MOTOGP races this weekend at Austin are not listed in the Optic guide on BEin yet.  Searching shows the RedBull MOTO GP Austin and you have to manually record at the time. Please update the Optic guide.

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Community Power User

The information displayed in the guide is based on what is provided by the broadcaster / channel directly. If they change what will air on the channel and don't send out updates, then the guide displayed will be from the original information they sent.


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