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Bose Cinemate and PVR sound

Just Moved In

I have a couple of questions...first, i am interested in getting a Bose Cinemate system for my living room tv, what i do notwant is ANOTHER remote (especially just to control the sound), does anyone have any experience with this particular system? will the slimline telus remote "accept" bose, i would appreciate anyone with some knowledge of this scenario explaining to me how its done (if it can) before i spend the money....Will Other quality soundbars work with the telus slimline remote, if so how does one set it up?.....Is the sound from the PVR 5.1? i have a home theater in my basement and have not been able to get 5.1....thanks...


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

I work in tech support for telus and to be completely honest with you it's very hard to set up a sound system or soundbar with the slimline remote and setting up sound systems to the remote isn't really supported by telus. Usually the only way to make it work properly is to use the sound system remote to control the sound.

Hope this helps you!