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Billing issues and unauthorized recording

Friendly Neighbour
Does anyone else have the problem of charges for on demand requests appearing on their bills that aren’t theirs? Also I’ve noticed when going through channels there are recording requests I have never requested does anybody else have this problem. It seems to be ongoing and I’m tired of calling all the time to have the charges removed.I’ve had boxes replaced and changed my passwords to my account to my purchase everything but I’m still getting this.


Just a weird question; do you have your two cable boxes really close or in the same room? For example, your PVR is attached to your modem but you have a cable box to your TV across the room. Since the remotes are IR and not bluetooth; you could be controlling both boxes. So if, say, you click on your box - your PVR could be ordering everythings.

Friendly Neighbour
Depends on who I talk to (finally) whether I have two boxes and a PVR or 3 boxes... purchase pins placed on each (two) boxes - and yes one of the boxes is in living room attached to TV and PVR/modem across room - other box and tv in bedroom. I will know next month if someone had access elsewhere (never happen according to Telus) if I get more movies and series on my bill so will let you know. Good thing I don’t need “vOD”.

I'm confused about the box you are calling PVR/modem. There is no such device. It's either a PVR or a modem, not both.

What is the model number of the device you are calling the PVR/modem that's not attached to a TV?

Friendly Neighbour

sorry I have the modem for my internet then I have a PVR and TV box in living room and TV box in Bedroom.    I am happy (but maybe I shouldn't say anything) to say the orders have stopped finally (although I get recordings I never set) and now dealing with billing issues since going to fiber - all in a day's adventure...


Are the unexpected recordings live or scheduled for the future? 

I recall reading some posts here about similar situations. It's possible someone else's PVR is cross connected to your account at the TELUS back end.

Friendly Neighbour
Thank you - according to Telus “boxes can’t be accessed by anyone else” - I live alone and work so maybe gremlins watch movies and series I would NEVER think about watching. For now Telus has blocked my ON DEMAND to see if anything happens.

Just Moved In
I had this same issue.  Over the past month i contacted telus 5 times about strange charges and channels being added. I was told to set up purchase PINs and changed passwords but it kept happening.  They even suggested that my 3 year old son had been ordering VOD or adding channels which is ridiculous.  Finally after a 3 hour chat session on Friday they transferred me to technical support and they admitted it was KNOWN ISSUE and was related to my PVR that had recently been swapped out.  Apparently its possible that the backend could be connected to another account and what i was seeing was another account’s changes and those had been charged to me.   They sent someone the next day to swap out my PVR and the issue hasn't come back since.  
What really bothered me was that although the issue seems to be resolved for now, it took countless calls and having the agents on the other end blame me for the problem and then finally tell me that this is a known issue.  If it was a known issue, why did it take 5 times for me to call about this before someone believed me…
Anyway, watch out for this.  I didn’t get the impression they had any plans to tell the public or escalate this situation.  

Friendly Neighbour


thank you RayBixon!!!  same thing with me (no 3 year old involved) but they insisted I must have ordered them as it couldn't happen any other way.... more than 5 hours and numerous calls until as you said "backend" and yes, so much time spent on this with them!!!!  If I billed them what I spent on the phone/chat  talking about this to them I'd get Internet and TV for the next 10 years for free.  They did finally admit it as a known problem....