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Billing after contract end

Just Moved In
I noticed a $90+ increase in my bill last month. My 2 year contract ended and Telus rewarded me with no notification and a nice increase with questionable extra charges. No service change.

Has anyone received a courtesy notification of contract end and the nice increase. About to be a former customer with these kinds of practices.


@Tony26 I never have seen a notification of end of term. However if you look at your bill and contract it tells you there that at the end of the 2 years the price will be x$$.I have been in touch shortly before term end and have sometimes kept the same price or altered to one i liked


Often times there are credits that last 24 months that expire.


Hi Tony26, it's not common practice for carriers to reach out to the millions of clients they have whenever their term ends. Though sometimes on occasion depending on campaigns and promos you might get a text or a promotional call. The onus is always on the client to check their term and look for renewal options.


Contracts and billing can be confusing when dates between the app and the PC site differ by a day for contracts, and sometimes a month or two for payments received. My phone contract has the end date of Oct 11 or 12 2022, depending where you look, but it was paid off Sept 11 // 12, balance went to 0, but my bill right now doesn't reflect that 0, still charging me for the device for another 24 days from today, so one extra device payment when my device balance is 0. So now I have to waste time on a call. It's really annoying.