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Apple TV box recording playback issues

Friendly Neighbour

I had another thread going a while back that did resolve a couple issues, but there was still a couple outstanding bugs that were not released in the latest Apple Telus TV+ App update. Wondering if any progress has been made on the below, as well as if another update to the Telus TV+ App is coming soon? The NHL playoffs are days away so improper loading will be quite disappointing, and the inability to skip forward and back will be a terrible experience. 


This only applies to IN PROGRESS recordings.


However, the Apple TV box does experience a couple bugs:


1. Initial load starts at current 'Live' spot and then moves to beginning of recording. It's only momentary but it does not behave the same as the set top box.

2. Skip forward works as expected but when trying to skip backwards the recording jumps to live and you cannot return to the beginning of the recording again.


Would love to see these bugs resolved in a future release



Hi @Cmac80 - we appreciate your feedback!