After programming TV can I go back and turn Up Volume on the TV BOX?


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the sound is not high enough a roommate somehow screwed up the remote last night and now my volume on my TV Box must be turned down to low as the TV sound is at 100 and we can barely hear the TV how can I get the remote to turn up the volume on the BOX?

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hi, If you are using a the slim black remote with the mode button on the top left, then you cant. The new telus remote needs to go for a reset (hold options button below 9 then press 1000) so that it will be able to control the stb volume once again then you can reprogram the remote with the tv code again 


if its the old remote, you can use code 955 


heres the guide for the old remote

press and hold stb and ok then release both at the same time, if stb button blinks 2 times. press 955 then press stb then "# or enter" then your back in stb volume control. once your done adjusting the volume. just repeat the steps but this time press "TV" so you can revert the volume control to TV volume.


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Thank you very much it worked with the 1000 instructions but I had already called Tech Support and they helped me through it so thank you for your help and hopefully now anyone else that has this problem can find the answer here.