A lot of issues with Optik wireless. Signal dropping out, erratic recording and playback


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We have been with Telus for a few years. We really liked the Optik tv and wireless. We started having problems about 1.5 years ago. PVR recordings stop while playing them back. Internet signal dropping out often even though techs have been here a couple of times to try to fix the issue. New modem, new wireless boxes, and the same issues occur. Nearing the point where we drop Telus (we just downsized to basic essential package as we prepare for the move to another provider) completely. Anyone else have any of these issues? I'm just very tired of calling all the time and them either wanting us to go through the unplug the modem or wireless box for 10 seconds, etc., or set up yet another appointment for someone to come repair it. Tired of staying home waiting for tech support to arrive to "fix" our issue.

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@Links2 What hardware are you currently using (models) Modem, access point and receivers? What distance is your wireless receiver from the access point? Does your wireless telus receiver lose connection as well or just your wireless devices?

House, apartment, condo, multiple levels? What equipment did telus replace last service call (how long ago)?

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