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6 theme pack changed to 7 theme pack plus premium?

Just Moved In

Hello all,


I woke up to an email from Telus saying I signed up for their PureFibre 7 theme pack plus 1 premium bundle. I didn't sign up for anything. Did this change automatically?


I was previously on their 6 theme pack bundle, but it looks to be missing from their website now and they are now promoting this 7 theme/1 premium option. My price changed from $55 to $70 as well.


Can someone confirm if this happened to them as well?





Moving to the new 3.0 Optik packages is not mandatory at this time. Did you recently call in or speak with a rep about signing a new 2 year service agreement? That may have been what triggered it but you still shouldn't have been switched without your knowledge. Call in and ask to go back to your previous package and pricing if that's the case.

Thanks, I called in and they reverted it back. They have no clue how it changed to the new Optik packages, which is weird. They said typically if there is an updated package with more offering for same price, they would upgrade it, however it cost $15/month more or so.