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4K Sports on Optik TV impressions and technical question: Progressive or Interlaced?

Friendly Neighbour

Just wondering who here has watched 4K hockey or other sports at all on Telus and what their impressions are. Sportsnet 4K  filmed at 60fps? or is 30fps? I've saw somewhere that someone said hockey at 4k is amazing but I believe Sportsnet only did a few games at the end of 2016 in 4k.


I know hockey on Sportsnet HD for Telus is only 1080i @60hz but ends up being only 30 frames per second which isn't fast enough in opinion for hockey. Just trying to figure out what Telus 4k and sports is broadcasted at and then sent to the tv viewer ? 


I know the TEUS STB for HD output 1080p, but hockey is only filmed at 1080i@60 or 720p@30 currently from my understanding.


Is Telus' 4K actually 3820x2160p with 60 frames per second or is it interlaced like 1080i giving us only 30fps?




CPU Alum
CPU Alum


  • when the installer left, he left my STB at 1080i.  I later changed it to 1080p and the picture looked a whole lot better.  Everyone's eyes and TV will be different.
  • There's a number of Telus stores with working 4K Optik TV's connect.  Go check to the display and have it set to TSN to check it out.  The Rio content was incredible.


4K hockey is only available back east in Ontario where the Maple Leafs and Senators are covered. Telus only has TSN 4K which covers certain Raptors home games.