4K PVR only allows 3HD streams

Tells advertises that I should be able to record up to 5 HD streams but my PVR only allows 3 HD + 1 SD. I called and was told it was because that's what my account is set up for.
But I haven't found anywhere on their websites or on my account where this limitation is mentioned or upgradable.
I don't want to spend another half an hour on hold just to get the answer. Anyone have the same or know where this is mentioned?
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Do you actually have the 4K PVR or the regular one? What is the model name/number on the front?


If you have the bandwidth to get 4K you should be able to easily do more than 3HD.

If you're on a regular PVR and your line speed is limited due to your location, then yes it's possible to have 3HD. The big question will be what the maximum line speed you have is at present.

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It might also depend on your internet connection & speed.


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Well I called again and got a better answer. Apparently it's because I only have Internet 50 and not Internet 150.


The issue I have now is that their website conveniently leaves this out:


https://www.telus.com/en/bc/tv/new/optik-4k?INTCMP=Tcom_TVHardware_LearnMore4K says you need:


1) Internet 50 - TELUS Internet 50 is required to ensure you get the speed you need to enjoy 4K programming.

2) Optik 4K PVR - Powerful, fast and ultra responsive, the 4K PVR lets you watch and record TV in 4K. With HDR 10 support you can display a wider and richer range of colours. Store up to 100 hours of 4K, or 400 hours of HD of your favourite shows and movies. You can also record up to 5 HD programs at once.


There's no footnote or any other "small print" to explicitly state this condition.


Their documentation isn't up to date. I have Optik TV on Fibre 150 and it allows 6 HD streams based on the PVR. But even in their Optik 4k support it says "Your Optik 4K PVR is capable of recording one 4K Live show and one HD show at the same time.". But I can record 6 channels regardless. I just tried and recorded one 4k channel and 5 other HD channels. 


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it is quite simple if you do the math.


an average HD stream requires ~4mbit of bandwidth ( rounded numbers for ease of use) a 4k stream around 23mbit.


Let's say you have a 25 mbit connection, your maximum would be 3 HD stream in any combination of recording and live/video on demand or 1 4k and 2 HD.


Remember you still require bandwith for you other devices besides in your home. Plus approaching the maximum margin puts a strain on your picture quality on your average copper xDSL line.


The above is a simplification as a lot more variables can come into play.


TLDR : it all depends on your bandwidth capabilities .


Thanks for the excellent explanation.


I don't really have a problem with the technical reasoning; the problem I have is with the misrepresentation in the advertising. There should be a disclaimer that the number of HD feeds, ergo the number of concurrent recordings, is limited by your internet connection plan.


It's all water under the bridge now anyway as I'm ok with 3 HD feeds

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how is it misrepresentation?



the documents clearly state "up to"


@AntonyHall wrote:

the documents clearly state "up to"

Right, as in "you can record 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5". It doesn't say "up to 5, depending on your internet connection".


I suppose it's all a matter of interpretation.


I have the 4k box and 2 wifi boxes. I checked today and I now have 5HD +0SD streams. I discovered this when I noticed I was recording 5HD shows then confirmed this under settings>system info. Not sure what Telus is up to, when I got the 4K box I only had 3HD + 1SD. No notification from Telus on this change, although thankful they made it.


I have copper supply with 100Mbps Internet.