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4K PVR audio output in PCM 2.0

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4K PVR - Kenwood surround sound compatibility.


When the PVR was originally set up it was outputting in PCM 2.0, every week or so the PVR switches into Dolby Digital 5.1. The only way to put it back in PCM is to restart the PVR.


Does anyone know how to keep PCM as standard for a long term period?




Community Power User
Community Power User
@ddsa3 Is it physically switching in the menu?

In the menu it's displaying as surround and doesn't change. It's the output that is changing. The surround sound has a LCD screen that indicates the sound type coming out and after a while of PCM 2.0 it will switch back to DD 5.1 but nothing in the PVR changes. I am looking into if it's the sound quality the networks are broadcasting or if it's a technical issue. It's happened on Stingray also which should always be 4K, PCM 2.0. Let me know if you think of anything!

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Community Power User
@ddsa3 Any software updates for the receiver? Or have you checked that already?