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1080p signal cuts out but 1808i or 720p works

Friendly Neighbour



I have an Arris VIP5602W box and a 1080p projector and if I try to get the box to output a 1080p signal, I get snow/pixelation/black screen/cutting out of audio.  However, if I choose 1080i or 720p, there are no issues with the video or audio.  Previously, I would keep it at 1080p and I'd get a bit of snow every 5-10 seconds, but I could watch tv.  However, over the past month, it's become unwatchable.   None of my other equipment or devices are having issues and I've swapped out all the cables and even the box with another one in the house and the issue remains.  So I think it's an issue with how the Arris boxes are outputting the signal and possibly a firmware issue?   Anyone have any ideas?   


Thanks for any insights!


Friendly Neighbour

Sorry - the title says 1808i but I meant to write 1080i 

What projector are you using? Highly suspect it’s an issue with the projector not the Telus hardware. You can verify this by hooking that box to a TV and see if the problem persists. 

It's a Panasonic PT-AE3000u.   The thing is that the projector has no issues when I run my media streamer (Nvidia Shield), my blu-ray player, etc. and those devices pass a 1080p signal.   As well, when I had a Technicolor Telus box I didn't have this issue (Telus switched it out to an Arris box because of issues with freezing/crashing with the Technicolor one).   

Are you using an audio/video receiver as a switcher to the projector? 

Yes I have an AV receiver (Denon AVR-3808ci).  In case it's relevant, I'll also mention that I have an ethernet to HDMI adapter that's a component of the the whole system.  These have been in place since the projector was initially installed.

Can you bypass the HDMI switching though the AV receiver and make the connection direct from the projector to Optik tv box.  

There have been many instances of HDMI switching through Denon amps causing issues and ending up being a setting on the AV receiver itself. 

So I just tried your suggestion - the problem remains.  That suggests that it's not the Denon receiver that's the problem and that makes sense since it passes 1080p from my other devices without issue.  I would think then it's the Arris box or possibly the extender, but again the extender has no issues passing the signal with my other devices.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There was a recent update to the Optik service which has caused a number of changes for older equipment. In my case, it no longer passed sound through our surround sound system (handshake issue, as it would work on rebooting). Solution was to connect HDMI to TV. For a friend, sound would not flow to the TV. I’m not sure her solution. 
Your experience may be similarly related to a recent update.


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"I would think then it's the Arris box or possibly the extender"

Do you mean a WiFi extender? It's possible that the Arris is on the borderline of getting enough bitrate to support 1080p consistently. This would explain why 1080i and 720p works because they need a lower bitrate.

Friendly Neighbour

No not a WiFi extender, the HDMI to ethernet extender.  It turns out that this extender appears to be the problem.  I spoke to a home theatre installer and they mentioned that since my extender is several years old, it's probably causing the handshake issue.  So I can either watch TV in 1080i/720p or get try a newer extender.   


Thanks to everyone for their input!  Much appreciated.