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Making the Most of Neighbourhood Forums

Neighbourhood Alum
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What are the Neighbourhood Forums?

The Neighbourhood is a place to get help and help others, and share your TELUS experience. The forums are the part of the Neighbourhood where most conversation takes place.


What can I do?

Communities are made up of all kinds of different contributions: asking questions and sharing answers, voting on ideas that excite you, being part of a discussion, or learning from others and finding answers to your own questions.


Here are key ways to participate:


  • Post a new question or discussion to get answers or community opinions
  • Reply to an existing discussion to share your insights
  • Like posts that you find informative, helpful, or with which you agree
  • Mark replies to your questions as "Most Helpful" to recognize the best answers form others, and to help future visitors know what information worked best for you
  • "@mention" other users by typing their usernames rigth after an "@" sign - this helps show who you're talking to, and notifies them of conversation


And as always, be familiar with our Block Rules to keep the Neighbourhood clean and friendly. Enjoy!

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