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Community Manager

Why does TELUS perform direct sales (door to door) visits?

Our experience is that some residents prefer in-person conversations and feel more comfortable asking questions  in-person versus over the phone or online.  As a result, we offer all types of interaction styles – on the phone, via email or online!


How can I confirm the legitimacy of a direct sales representative?

Our direct sales team members carry company-issued identification and operate across Canada. Team members will also be wearing TELUS or vendor branded clothing (shirt and/or jacket). Visits may occur anytime between Mon-Sat, 9am-9pm. Typically, the majority of visits are from Monday - Friday, between Noon-9pm with occasional weekends.


The team member who visited my home was working for a vendor.  How can I confirm this vendor is affiliated with TELUS?

Aside from our TELUS team members, we also work with many 3rd party sales vendor companies to perform direct sales activities for TELUS. They will also carry identification that will show that they are partnered with TELUS.


What if I believe the person visiting my home is not a legitimate employee?

Door to door fraud, in general, comes from people pretending to be an established company with the promise of a better deal if they pay cash upfront.  Please note that TELUS and/or our vendors will never ask for cash upfront. If at any moment you suspect the person at your door is fraudulent, please do not give out any personal information.

I’m interested in signing up but have not gotten a visit yet

Visit the our website for all the latest offers & services available!


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