You Asked, We Listened: Swapping Your SIM Online

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Hi – Alrik here from the Customer Effort Reduction Team and I’m excited to announce that the online SIM Swap feature is now live, which will help save even more of your time!


When you upgrade from older devices to a new phone, it’s often accompanied by having to move from one SIM card size to the next. With technology scaling the size from Standard, to Micro and now Nano, it’s a pretty common practice to change your card. In the case of ordering a new phone online, this previously meant an extra trip to the store or a phone call in order to have a representative swap the SIM card, something that we realized takes up a part of your time and doesn’t need to.


Making the Swap

You told us it was time-consuming to call in or visit a store every time you needed to change your SIM Card, and we’ve actioned your feedback. The introduction of the online SIM swap capability means as an existing TELUS customer, you can now swap your SIM from the comfort of your own home.


Alongside making it easy for you to do it online, security is an important factor in everything TELUS does. You’ll require a working phone and a TELUS SIM card to receive a verification text, so that you can continue to have a safe, reliable process.


Check out our Sim swap article to get started.




Meet Alrik, a summer intern working on the Customer Effort Reduction team focused on making the customer experience an easier process. In his free time, he loves watching movies, following basketball and staying fit!

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This needs to be reimplemented again on Koodo self serve as was taken away for god knows what reason.