Updated Neighbourhood Experience: January 26th

ScottyJ Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

I'm writing to talk about how we've spruced up the Neighbourhood as of January 26th, which is pretty exciting.


Last year, we did this wholesale redesign of the Neighbourhood. We did it for a few reasons:


1. We wanted to match the look, feel and experience of telus.com

2. We wanted to simplify the experience for those who come to only read

3. We wanted to help our content be beautiful, and the site responsive


This year, we have an opportunity to transition that design work to a new technology platform. The benefit? Better overall performance, improved discovery of content, and a broader feature set of settings for users.


For most, it might not even be apparent that we have launched something new - the overall look, feel, and experience of the Neighbourhood will be largely unchanged. For some, it might be noticed that the posting editor has changed, or that we have consolidated the notifications menu and avatar menu in to one. For others who do stuff here all the time, you might spot new menus that more accurately allow you to report spam or subscribe to RSS content feeds.


All in all, our intent is to set the stage for more developments through 2016 and beyond. Feel free to comment here with questions or feedback.


Thank you to all of you who help make the Neighbourhood what it is and for inspiring this work to make it better for you.

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ScottyJ Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Update: we are launched! Feel free to comment here with thoughts or feedback.