Tidying Up Your Smart Devices

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Have you been busy cleaning out your drawers and sorting your things, based on what brings you joy? If so, you’re not alone. Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant, author, and star of the viral Netflix series, Tidying Up. The organizing craze is strong and whether you’ve jumped on board or not, we can all agree that our mobile devices could use a regular tidying up.


We’ve gathered our top tips to get your devices organized and decluttered as we continue to move into 2019.


Software Update

Have you been putting off the installing the newest update? Take a few minutes to let it run and restart your device to begin your tidying with the latest and greatest.


Purge & Tidy

Start by deleting apps that you don’t use regularly. Don’t worry, if you’ve purchased it you can download it again in the future if you change your mind.


Next, go through your notepad, to-do list, any notes you leave for yourself and delete anything that’s expired or irrelevant.  


Create Folders

Now that you’re down to your favourite and most used apps, organize them with folders such as chat, social media, exercise or work.



Your contacts list can get out of hand without realizing it. Take this opportunity to delete contacts you don’t remember or need anymore. Seeing double? Merge duplicate numbers and add notes and additional information to help you in the future.



First, clear your ‘recently deleted’ image folder to recover some space. Then go through your photos and videos to delete duplicates. Try to set aside some time or do it in 2-3 sessions if you have thousands of pictures like I do.

I’ve found the best way to clear out multiples is choose 1-2 favourites at most and delete the rest. I understand your cat is cute, but do you really need 15 images of him sleeping on your lap?


Email Clean-Up

Do you have 1,527 unread email messages too? Asking for a friend…


Marketing newsletters show up on the regular, so decide which ones you need, and how frequently you’d like to hear from them. Most companies allow you to change your subscription preferences.


Start with the newest emails and unsubscribe to newsletters/subscriptions that you don’t need anymore. As you unsubscribe, do a search for that sender and delete anything that’s still sitting in your inbox from them.


Finishing Touches

Now that your phone’s space has been trimmed down and your folders are as neat and tidy as Marie Kondo’s drawers, you deserve a little refresh.


Update your lock screen and background image. Maybe with that napping cat picture we discussed earlier.


Get a nice carrying case for your headphones so they don’t get tangled up in your bag. Or, if they’re starting to look a bit shabby or the wires are fraying, now might be a good time to invest in new headphones.


Phone case worn or falling apart? Give your phone a facelift with a new case and screen protector.


Recycle Old Devices

With your current devices now neat and tidy, it’s a good time to recycle any old ones you’re no longer using.


Make sure you first download any information you need, then completely delete all information on the device by running a full reset.


Once your devices are clear, you can check out the recycling options here.

I hope these tips have helped you tidy and organize your phones and tablets. Anything I missed? Drop it in the comments.