The Pack - Now on Prime Video

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Now more than ever, pets play an important part of our lives. And we all have a unique list of favourite things we'd love to do with our fur babies. Whether it is couch surfing, ball fetching, or sprinkler chasing - there is a bond & implied agreement between you and your best friend on what is fun. 


This incredible bond between human and canines traces back for more than 15,000 years - now what if someone makes a reality TV show to showcase this amazing relationship, and featuring 12 different pairs of human/dogs as they travel the world and go through a series of fun challenges.


Say hello to The Pack.



The Pack will be available on Prime Video starting Nov 20. You can add Amazon Prime to your package at any time, find out more here.



On our social media/community team, there is no shortage of fur parents, and many of us couldn't be more excited about this show. Speaking of which, here are some of our fur babies in action!


chrome_OTG.png chris.png amy.png


lauren_sm.png kendall.png fred.png


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