The Neighbourhood in 2015

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi everyone!


Well, the year is not yet two weeks old, and yet it already feels like there's a lot going on here. We've done a couple of releases already this month, and most of what we've done has been thanks to your feedback. So. Thanks! Here's what we've cooked up:


  • Private messaging should now be fixed for those who were having troubles with it
  • We've changed the "Latest Activity" widget so that it now references the ten most recently updated topics (instead of posts, so that one active thread doesn't dominate the whole list)
  • We've added category navigation to Ideas
  • A bunch of minor tweak and fixes


And yet, there is so much more to come this year.


We're really excited about the ongoing investment in this community and all of you who help make it what it is. Here are some of the things we are thinking about and planning for the year ahead:


  • Space for knowledge articles, where the best answers in forum conversations can be curated into easily shared content
  • Groups for like-minded users or "micro communities"
  • Gamification programs that help recognize, through badges and ranks, the contributions of everyone here
  • And more!


The whole team really appreciates everyone's feedback as we continue our journey through the evolution of the Neighbourhood, and we're excited about all that this year will bring. More to come!




Hello-TELUS-Forum Bloggers: As you can Read on the NEIGHBOUHOOD Blog the Re-design team launched its 4Th Release to optimize the operation on the. ver.


BUT First of all.,can I report a BUG the OP-Nick isn't displayed on my Wind's 8.1 Pro. But who pay attention on that <v9> Well the Re-design team,.this bug is around frequently-find a fix. May I add an ADDhere,.I wait for 5hrs to respond 'cause I din't want to be the 1st one.


OTHER Than that I think the Re-design team-Delivered a good amount of functionality on the forum-Boards & minor tweaks +fixes that are welcome! ..Lets examine some ot hem..Sounds like. No-not ok-Let's make a Quick re-view of the features.


1) PMs-Approved like on that ADDS about loans approvments,.Hu-Haa! YES, Now I can open my [Green-envelope & other member's-envelopes as well] N' able to Send messages. You got it.

2) LATES Activity: Great job! Now they featured "The 10-most wanted",.No not the 10-Most recently Updated topics. 


3) WELCOME to the improvements in IDEAS. This forum need more attention,.plus posting a Q?. on that Site isn't easytask-the other time I spent 30-mins typing & failed to post an idea,.I typed wrong a TAG. Why not make it easy to posting?


4) A BUNCH of minor tweaks & fixes,.YES, Sir I noticed-Good job to the Digital-TELUS-Labs. I keep reporting any bugs to Re-design team..Now let's heard other members.replies. Bye <v9>

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I've been having frequent problems posting in recent weeks.  Doing some tests... it appears I cannot post with IE9 (Vista does not support newer IE versions), nor IE11.  I needed to use Firefox.

Is anyone else successful posting with Internet Explorer?