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It's been over a month since the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ hit the market and the overwhelming consensus is that it's a winner. Of course, it's one thing to distill (impersonal) sentiment from a large user base but quite another to hear about it from someone we trust. 
We thought it would be a cool idea to get the device into the hands of some power users who are obsessed with food and photography and have them integrate the S8 into their busy lives. Meet Adrian of The Food Gays. 
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I run a small business along with my partner Jeremy, specializing in recipe development, food photography and social media management. It would be fair to say that the two of us both spend a good amount of time on our devices each day, whether it's writing emails, monitoring various social channels, or editing images for Instagram. So when we got wind of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, we were excited to see if it would live up to all the hype. Here are my thoughts . . . 
On User Interface . . .
First off, the speed of the device is impressive. It's snappy, and quite responsive to touch. Apps are quick to open and for the most part, the phone has no issue keeping up with us. I'm the kind of person who will write full-on emails with my smartphone and the S8 has a comfortable sized keyboard that makes it a breeze. Samsung Notes is a built-in app that I also use quite regularly, whether it's to brainstorm or take notes during phone meetings. It has pen, brush and voice note options all easily accessible, which I also appreciate. 
On Security . . . 
With extra security features like an iris scanner and fingerprint scanner, we can feel confident that our phones are protected. The smaller bezel on the phone means a larger screen and the display is noticeably crisp, bright, and an absolute pleasure to look at. 
On the Camera . . . 
The camera on the S8 is definitely a highlight for us. We don't usually shoot food with our mobile devices, but the S8 can actually produce some pretty stellar results. There's a bunch of cool pro options to explore on the phone, such as manual focus, ISO, aperture, and white balance correction. Selective focus is another great function we love, allowing you to create soft backgrounds ideal for portraits. Low light is no match for the S8, as the phone delivered some pretty impressive results under poorly lit conditions.
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One feature we appreciated is the quick camera launch, which is activated by pressing the power button twice. The last thing you wanna be doing is fumbling around when you need to get a quick snap and this option makes it super easy to get the shot, each and every time.
On the Battery . . . 
Battery life is probably the biggest drawback for us with the S8. As power users, it didn't feel like the battery kept up with us quite as much as we had hoped, but in fairness, that's not a huge surprise. For myself - you might feel differently - I couldn't get through the whole day without a recharge.  Its redeeming quality, however, is that the S8 does charge extremely fast. No smartphone is perfect after all, and neither is the S8. 
On the Good and the Bad . . . 
Apps don't seem to get quite the same treatment on Android versus Apple, which continues to be frustrating, but this is no fault of the S8. But overall, this is a slick, beautifully designed smartphone that manages to fit in quite nicely with our day to day needs, and is definitely worthy of all the hype. 
Adrian Harris 
Co-Director, Food Gays Media
Twitter: @FoodGays
Instagram: foodgays
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