TELUS iPhone Wi-Fi Calling - You Asked, We Listened

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Community Manager

We love hearing about your ideas on how you think we can improve, and what you’d like to see at TELUS. We appreciate your time and we read and investigate the possibility of every single idea submitted. The most exciting party of my job is to be able to announce the launch of a new feature that YOU asked for.


We’re excited to share with you the launch of iPhone Wi-Fi calling with TELUS. This is an idea that was submitted by @bgilbert which received a ton of likes and comments in support of it. Thank you everyone for sharing your feedback.


iPhone WiFi calling allows you to call and message over a Wi-Fi connection when you have little to no cellular coverage, with no additional fee. To learn more about how to use this new feature, visit this link.


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Is there any plans to provide Wi-Fi Calling outside of canada?? 

Community Power User
Community Power User

It's a great idea to expand Telus coverage.


Does wifi calling count to your plan minutes?


I am happy to see the wi fi calling and very pleased with how the VoLTE works on my iPhone 6 Plus. However, I do wish that the Wi Fi calling would be turned on worldwide. Pretty much everywhere I go is covered by EasyRoam, so I am not so much worried about the cost, but the coverage. There are places in the UK that have only 2G, believe it or not. And many places in the USA where it doesn't work very well, for some reason or another.  An office I go to for meetings has a cell site that doesn't work right.  My in-laws are in Virginia, and their house is in a low area where they don't get a good signal, so their phones work off wi fi - it would be a shame if mine didn't. At least have it so that people can request global Wi Fi calling on a phone by phone basis if you are not going to enable it by default.


It's going to be mentioned at the next BIG cellphone convention.

Im usually mad they slowly give us what's capable now but with free WiFi calling? 

Get more third party poop tellus.

You sneaky little devils