Super Bowl LII

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Community Manager

Green 19! Green 19! HUT! HUT! HUT!

Seventeen weeks of regular season games and three weeks of playoffs have brought us here. We are officially a few days away from Super Bowl 52!

On February 4th, the Eagles and the Patriots will square off, and just like any Super Bowl, tensions are extremely high! My loyalty, since I got into football over 10 years ago, has been with the Patriots - just so you know who I’ll be cheering for.


If you have no such loyalties, that’s ok, but can I suggest the Patriots? I get it — this is serious stuff. If you’re in it mostly for the food, fun, friends, and family that’s cool too. It's a high stakes game, but it's also a night of suspense, laughs and great food.


I’m getting ready to host my annual Super Bowl party complete with guacamole, buffalo chicken strips, dips and plenty of chips. I’ll be watching the game in the comfort of my home and rooting for the New England Patriots.


Who will you be cheering for on Sunday?


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