Stay close to what matters most with TELUS Track+

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TELUS Track+ is our new LTE tracking attachment that can be placed on bikes, purses or even furry friends to check and monitor their location at any time.


Equipped with a few great accessories, including a pet collar attachment and lanyard, the TELUS Track+ app lets you set custom Safety Zones for each of your trackers and notifies you when your tracker enters or leaves these areas. You can also easily navigate between tracker profiles to view their status, edit tracking settings and get a detailed view of each tracker’s activity.


Other exciting features:


  • Custom Notifications: Set it and forget it – choose your notification frequency and get automatic location updates 
  • On-device ringer: Know you’re close to your tracker but can’t see it? Ring your tracker directly from the app until it’s found. 
  • Light sensor notifications: Be notified when the lighting around your tracker changes. You’ll be the first to know if your tracker is removed from a bag or your luggage is opened without you.


Here are some ways to use Track+


  • Pets: Is Rover always getting away? With the pet collar accessory, you can keep an eye on your furry family members, wherever they go. Set up your very own Safety Zone and you’ll be notified by the TELUS Track+ app if your pet leaves or enters a custom designated area, like your house or backyard.
  • Kid’s Backpack: As back-to-school season approaches, your child’s backpack will house a whole host of easily lost items. Attach the tracker and have peace of mind that your kids backpack has made it to their destination with location updates and personalized alerts.
  • Luggage: Losing your luggage, is there anything worse? With roaming included with your TELUS Track+ device, you can track the location of your luggage anywhere in Canada and the US. Another great safety feature? Get notified if the light around your sensor changes from dark to light, so you’ll know if someone opens your bag when you’re not there.


Whether it’s a bike, high-end camera or purse, the TELUS Track+ lets you easily track and locate what you care about most. Cue the “that was easy” button, amiright? 


TELUS Track+ is available by visiting

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Great to see this device available from Telus.  In addition to pets and kids, these trackers are also great for aging seniors that sometimes forget where they are.


For the last few years, I've been using larger Spot satellite beacons to track my mother to ensure she is safe.  These smaller Telus tokens are much more easier to carry.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@xl They really are! TELUS Track+ has features like a light sensor to detect when ambient light changes, which is helpful when someone opens your bag/luggage without your permission. Track+ also has an external speaker to ring the tracker to help locate it.


Does it work in the United States? If so, does it roam on the same partner as my mobile?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Shane, Track+ can be used anywhere in Canada and the USA provided that 4G LTE wireless network coverage is available, either by TELUS or AT&T and T-Mobile while roaming. Verizon will not work.
If the tracker is out of LTE coverage, then the device will not work. You can also see the location of the tracker device, using the app from nearly anywhere in the world.