School’s out for summer, but 5G brings a new era of learning

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It may be the summer holiday, but after two years of disruption by COVID, we’re looking forward to a ‘normal school year in September. The pandemic’s disruption has accelerated our adoption of technology and, in the near future, the new normal for classrooms will involve leveraging technology for better educational outcomes and 5G’s capabilities are helping to drive that revolution.


How teachers’ pandemic pivots are transforming education in the 5G era


Toronto-based Future Design School helps schools across North America plan for innovation and new ways of teaching and learning. Company CEO and serial entrepreneur Sarah Prevette says educators are enthusiastic about the progress made in technological advancements and delivery strategies during the pandemic, making it possible for them to embrace new teaching methods, in addition to the more traditional. Read the story here.


5G to revolutionize the classroom with VR, AR, and more


5G can help make unique learning experiences like AR and VR more accessible by enabling access for less money. 5G allows lower-cost devices to participate in complex experiences such as virtual classrooms. A Chromebook on its own, for example, likely wouldn’t have the power to run an entire virtual classroom. However, 5G’s improved speed, bandwidth, and latency allow low-cost devices to leverage cloud processing for intensive tasks and stream results to the device, much in the same way that 5G can improve cloud gaming. Read the story here