Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge connectivity issues

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Over the past few weeks, we received a lot feedback about connectivity issues affecting the S6 and S6 Edge. We heard you loud and clear.


With over 1300 trouble tickets created from calls into our contact centres and the amazing troubleshooting prowess of our Neighbourhood users on this thread, we were able to identify the root-cause and have been working with Samsung behind the scenes to find a resolution.


What caused the issue, you ask? The issues coincided with a mid-September Samsung Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) update. A glitch in this software build caused a change in the device's ability to wake up from a network sleep. Consequently, devices were not “waking up” after being pinged by the network.


Who was affected?


Users running the following software versions:

  • S6 - G920W8VLU2BOH8
  • S6 Edge - G925W8VLU2BOH8


The good news is that a firmware patch is now available and will make it out to all customers by early next week. For more information on how to update your device, see our Samsung software update article.


Thank you all for your patience while our team worked in the background to determine what had caused many of your phones to perform so inconsistently. Your feedback helped us find a resolution!


A special shout-out to @Killda, who first reported the issue a month ago in this Neighbourhood post. @Killda’s contribution helped us get the ball rolling on identifying the problem and working towards a resolution.


We will keep you updated on any new developments so keep checking back for the latest!



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Hey there. I have the Samsung s6 Edge plus with all the same issues. But there is no update for that yet. Baseband Version: G928W8VLU1AOGD

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Hey @HuyNguyen!

Just an FYI (excerpt from above blog): "The good news is that a firmware patch is now available and will make it out to all customers by early next week. For more information on how to update your device, see our Samsung software update article." 🙂

A fix is on the way but you may not see it until Monday. Until then, you can manually check for an update every so often. Check out this link for more:

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Awesome Thanks!

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Hey Dru! Just to let you know my phone hasn't received the update yet, maybe its because the Edge+ Plus version?


I received an update a couple weeks ago, but I am still having data connection issues.  Some of my applications, such as Google Hangouts no longer work at all on data, though they did before the 5.1.1 update.  Are others still having issues?

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Hi @dru​,

I am also experiencing this issue on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Is this an issue with a lot of Note 5 users at the moment? Didn't seem to find too many threads about it.

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Any update on when this fix will be available for SM-928W8 (G928W8VLU1AOGD)? It's becoming very frustrating and unusable in it's current state.



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I also received an update a few weeks ago but still the same issue...


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So I am having this issue. I have had my phone since September 2015 and just this past weekend I am all of a sudden have "No Network Connection - You have lost data connectivity because you have left your home network with data roaming turned off" messages showing up where I never had issues before. I am on G920W8VLU3CPC8. Very frustrating to have no service but sure happy I have roaming off or my bill would be through the roof!


Please let me know what I can do to get this to stop.

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Yep, I'm having severe connectivity issues all of a sudden. But I'm on Android 6.0.1, baseband version G920W8VLU3CPC8. 


Multiple dropped calls, occasionally unable to call out at all, and very inconsistent data connection -- and when it does connect, it's very rarely to LTE. Text seems to be the only thing I can rely on.


It's very frustrating. Any word of any fixes for this?

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I have been having a very inconsistent data connection on my S6 Edge as soon as I upgraded to the most recent version of Android.  


Maybe this error was re-introduced with 6.0.1 or something completely different.

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Same problems on my S6, also Android 6.0.1 baseband version G920W8VLU3CPC8.  Started after I upgraded to this version.  Frequent but intermittent inability to place calls, dropped calls, inability to send text messages or connect to data.  Alll network connection, with no wi-fi issues.


It really seems to be a separate issue with the Android 6.0.1 update.