Recent Private Message Spam Incidents

Community Manager
Community Manager

We hate spam and as Admin and Moderators, we take all incidents very seriously. We work diligently to combat spammers but as we all have come to know: spammers never quit (nor will we).

Recently, we experienced three spam incidents that used our private messaging (PM) feature as a vector to reach members. With each incident, we ramped up anti-spam measures to close any gaps but they simply pivoted their strategy to side-step them.

We are grateful to everyone for reporting each incident and after reviewing your concerns, I wanted to put you at ease regarding privacy concerns.

Some of you believe your email addresses were compromised given you received a spam message in your inbox. I want to reassure you that no such breach had taken place. 


As part of your notification settings, any attempt to send you a PM will prompt the community to send a notification to your registered email address. While they do look like a direct email, it's actually a feature of our community to let you know you have a private message to review (it’ll also include a preview of the message) and no direct communication between the spammer and you. 


For now, we've temporarily disabled private messaging and we’re working with our vendor(s) on a long-term solution to minimize future spam incidents. We’ll re-enable the feature once our solutions are in place. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to @ mention me or any member with the Administrator or Moderator designation found under their username if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding on this matter.


Early this am 5am apr 23  There was a post on how to use my telus email address to access google products maps etc. You had to alter the telus address add insert a weird address into the telus address to be able to use telus to get to google products. I had other things to do and when i came back the post was gone. I should have printed it out i am sure it was spam. Polecat

Just Moved In

today April 29, 2021 I received a phone call from Telus (????)   Loyalty Dept...offering me a new updated modem and my bill being reduced from $121 to $75.  The person on the line had a very very heavy European accent.    I was sceptical and he put me through to his supervisor who also had a heavy European accent.   He wanted to verify my information and read it back to me but needed my D.O.B....which I refused even tho he tried to tell me that i would not receive the modem  unless I gave  him my D.O B.   So then he asked for some Canadian numbers....Drivers License, Passport, etc...I refused to give them out and i was told that i would not recieve the new modem or bill reduction..... am certain this was not from Telus...I tried to call Telus after I had hung up but that is impossible, tried to contact Telus through their no would think that Telus would have more operators  hired to answer their phones .