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The official launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is right around the corner! We thought we’d take the phone for a test run and see if it really lives up to the hype. There are so many exciting features that Samsung is bringing our way with this next generation of Galaxy phones and we want to know which features you’re excited about and would like to see us test live!


The S9 is supposed to bring the best, brightest and newest camera technology to life – here are some features we’ve heard a lot about so far:


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Dual Aperture Lens


This new and innovative lens adapts, like the human eye, to bright and low light conditions automatically. The rear camera on the phone ensures that pictures taken in darker settings, will come out clear and bright.




With the new speed sensor, you can shoot 960 frames per second which gives slow-mo a new and improved look and feel. With new instant editing capabilities, add your own music to your videos or even make GIFs directly on your handset.




Have you ever thought of creating your own emoji but really didn’t know how? Samsung comes to the rescue with augmented reality selfies. This feature turns your selfie pic into your own personal emoji, which you can then share and use in text conversations with your family and friends. That’s kind of impressive, right?


Unlimited storage


Using your google account you can store all your stunning snaps with unlimited storage space. Yup, that’s right, no limits.


Infinity Display


The infinity display is back. The display curves over the sides of the phone, giving you the widest possible view of the screen with minimal visual distractions. This is the latest in edge-to-edge screen technology.


Those are only a few of the new features Samsung has coming our way with the S9.


Let us know which of the new S9/S9+ features you're looking forward to the most with our poll so we can check them out (poll closes March 15th)!

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