Optik 4K TV is Here!

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On June 29th, TELUS launched Optik 4K TV and it marks the first time this service has been offered in Western Canada.

What is 4K TV?

It’s an ultra high-definition picture quality that offers four times the pixels of traditional high definition TV services. Imagine four times more resolution than what you’re currently used to on a screen the exact same size. How’s that for clarity?


You don’t have to be a videophile to appreciate how 4K will change the way you view television. Imagine content so clear you can see the pores off someone’s face. Gross, I know, yet so cool! Sports lover? Imagine seeing the individual blades of grass on a baseball or football field, the dimpled texture of a basketball or the scratches carved into the ice by hockey skates. Television, as we know it, will never be the same.


Here’s what you’ll need to start watching 4K content:

  • An Optik 4K PVR (1 TB capacity: 1000 hours of SD, 400 hours of HD and 100 hours of 4K)
  • A 4K capable TV
  • A 4K capable TV profile (Internet 50 Mbps required)


I know the inevitable question is, “what 4K content is currently available?” As you can imagine, more 4K content will come with adoption but at launch, Optik 4K will offer:

  • TSN 4K on channel 905 (subscription to a sports theme pack required)
  • Select coverage of CBC’s 2016 Rio Olympic games
  • A growing On Demand library  


As more 4K content becomes available, we’ll work on bringing them to you!  


Learn more about TELUS Optik 4K here.  

Questions about TELUS 4K? Contact us here.


Apparently not in all areas of Dawson Creek BC. Phoned to set up optik on Wed and was advised optik was in our area of 9th and 88th, made the appointment for hook up for the Monday Tech gets here and says there is no fibre optik lines here! Go figure the person setting up the account was not that knowledgeable where the lines were! Now have to wait another week for another provider! That sucks

Very unimpressed with the service we got!