New Optik TV App

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Community Manager

Over the past few years we’ve introduced several apps for Optik TV with new features & functionalities.These apps allow you to integrate your smartphone & tablet with your Optik TV, with many features like watching live TV and recording your shows remotely.


Here’s a quick snapshot of what they are:comparison_2.jpg

 But we didn’t want to stop there. We want to make the experience even better, more streamlined, so our clients can find what they need all in one place. Introducing the new Optik TV app, available for all our Optik TV customers!


 The app is available now on iOS and Android

  • New Optik TV app will replace Optik on the go
  • Optik Smart Remote will continue to be available


To access the new Optik TV app, update or download from your App and Play store, click here for how.

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Ever since you guys upgraded it, the app no longer works on my S7. It also does not work on the S8+ that my relative has. It worked perfectly fine until the upgrade and now all I get is an ssl certificate error and an LP1007 error. 


I reported this several weeks ago and it still doesn't work.  It's great that you want to improve services but maybe you should make sure it works before you roll it out or roll back to the old one until you fix it.  From what I read on the comment reviews on the play store I'm not the only one that is having this issue.  


Hopefully you guys will read this here and maybe do something.